Minibus Hire for Everything: Go For It!


Whether you are going for a night out, a trip to the city or airport, you need to make sure you have a reliable transportation service at your disposal and what can be better than a minibus waiting for you at your doorstep. The minibus keeps you warm and comfortable through some of the most harsh weather conditions. Not only this, it makes your entire travel experience all more pleasurable and fascinating. This type of convenes is suited for almost all types of travel.

Long Distance Travel

Private hire minibuses for long distance travel can be found from firms across all areas of the UK and further afield. And why not! This is after all a big business and a type of transportation medium that businesses and consumers have long depended on. A well maintained minibus can be a safe and sure way for you to relax throughout your journey as it unfolds. Minibus hire is a proven medium to offer long-distance and cost-effective travel. It is a good overall alternative to traveling in a group by bus or rail.

Small Group Travel

When travelling in small groups, hiring a minibus with driver is a great option. You will have more space to accommodate yourself and you won’t feel tired after the day ends. This is because sitting in a minibus is much more comfortable. It offers you an added level of service and a sense of comfort with the benefit of knowing that the driver will get you safely and securely to your end destination.

Hire and Run

The established minibus hire firms have a wide range of minibuses to offer you just what you require. They will take you wherever you want in a safe, comfortable and stylish way. This is also beneficial in a way that you don’t have to worry about driving your own vehicle and handle busy lanes.

This can be really tiring and this is where the idea of hiring a minibus offers great benefits with overall convenience. So, no matter where in the UK you want to travel, minibus hire is perhaps the best way to travel. So, go for it!

Our Services

EE Minibuses offers a wide range of transportation services in both the private and public sector. With our fleet of Minibuses and Coaches we
operate from the East London and Essex and our services cover a diverse area in and around London, Essex and Kent.
  • Fully insured vehicles

    We have a large fleet of vehicles, that includes 6 seater to 32 seater minibuses and coaches.

  • Corporate Minibuses

    We are perfectly placed to drive you to your office. Perfect for Meetings, business tours.

  • Airport Transfers

    Travel in comfort, with proper safety to any London Airport. On-time Arrival and Departure.

  • Cost-effective & On-time Service

    We don’t believe in charging lot of money and adding hidden costs. We want to be common people’s transporter

  • 6-32 Seater Minibuses

    We offer economical yet high performance 6-32 Seater Minibuses along with cheap rates. Sit back and Enjoy the ride

  • Well spoken & Clean licensed drivers

    All our staff is trained and well mannered. They understand that you are on a trip and they make sure you get the best out of it

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