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    Film Music Festivals

    One of the top providers of minibuses to the media and film industries in the UK is EE Minibuses. We have been offering our services to important partners in the music and film industries for more than a decade. Because of our connections, expertise, and morals, we have been a well-known supplier of minibuses to the entertainment, film, and television sectors. We have established a solid reputation for providing our clients with top-notch services as a consequence of our efforts.

    In the film and music sectors, EE Minibuses offers an enormous variety of vehicles for various functions, such as production vehicles, vehicles for filming commercials and movies, and a wide range of vehicles to satisfy any need. For your music team, we also provide coach hire.

    Over the last 10 years, we’ve not only established ourselves as the leading minibus hire company, but we’ve also become a company that customises all of its offerings to satisfy you, our esteemed client. Our area of expertise is providing vehicles to the motion picture, music, television, and advertising sectors. In this industry, we are renowned for having the best-maintained, fully owned fleets.

    Minibus & Coach hire for Film, TV & Media Events

    Regardless of your needs, we will use our fleet of vehicles to assist you. For the music and film industries, we lend cars and offer other stationary props.

    At EE Minibuses, we are aware of the financial and scheduling practices used by production firms. Because of this, we tailor our programmes to each individual client’s needs. Our fleet of vehicles is prepared to fulfil any impending deadline. We locate vehicles that meet extremely strict deadlines and specifications, and we deliver vehicles throughout the United Kingdom on schedule. We have worked directly with production, film, and advertising businesses in addition to other specialised auto repair companies.

    Do routine medical procedures require a minibus? Is a bigger vehicle necessary for your family’s national film or music video production? Would you want to travel to a vacation spot with your group in a caravan? EE Minibuses can quickly address any need or goal you have.

    Minibus booking can also be made online with our website. In the event that you are not satisfied, our assistance is always accessible. But you can relax knowing that all of your filming and music concerns will be taken care of for you as soon as you board an EE Minibus. If you want to hire a minibus for a music or movie vacation but aren’t sure how or what to choose, just walk into EE Minibuses for the best guidance.

    Give us a chance to give you the best possible experience in obtaining the greatest support for your music and film projects. We are the titans of the UK, and we can guarantee your movie or music events.


    Yes. We take a small holding deposit of 20% of your booking price to confirm your booking and against any last minute cancellations/damage/cleaning of our buses. The hirer is responsible for the condition of the bus and it is YOUR deposit that will be refunded to you at the end of the night after the driver has checked the bus and everything is ok.

    Yes. You can change details on the booking up to 24 hours before your event, these changes can only happen if we are able to fit them in with the timetable on that night. There is no extra charge provided it can be done.

    booking (hirer) is responsible in regards to the condition the bus is left in and whether their deposit will be refunded.

    With a large fleet of minibuses and coaches it is very rare we are late to any of our bookings. However due to any circumstances uncontrollable by us such as road closures/ diversions/traffic etc… we will always keep you updated on the estimated times for your bus to arrive.

    We have a large fleet of minibuses,mini-coaches,coaches and this enables us to vary our timetables vastly. So if we have multiple bookings on the same night this acts in favour for you as we can reduce prices to ensure getting that bus optimised for the evening. As there is nothing worse than a bus coming back half the journey empty!

    Why prefer us for travel?

    We offer reliable transit solutions for any purpose. Our goal is to suit customers specific requirements affordably.
    • Maintained vehicles

      Our fleet undergoes regular maintenance and servicing to provide a consistently secure and seamless travel experience for our customers.

    • Price Match Guarantee

      Our guarantee to match prices. If possible, we will propose to either equal or surpass any quotation.

    • On-time Service

      We always reach on-time without any delay.

    • Professional & Experienced Drivers

      Our staff of skilled drivers is well-trained and flexible to meet all the requirements of our clients during their journey with us.

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