Kent’s tourism industry is on the rise


You can count on minibuses for transport needs
Kent, the county, is among the most visited destinations of UK. Its tourism industry is continuing to grow in great figures, according to a recent research.

Some statistics….

Figures reveal that in 2013, it had about 58 million visitors, with the tourist industry contributing a mind-blowing £3.4 billion revenue to the Kent’s economy. It ranked as the third most visited destination in the UK, outside of London, primarily for the foreign visitors.

Number of visitors continues to rise, with research agencies saying that the county is showing a special love for day trips, showing a 2% rise as compared to the national drop of 8%. Kent has also become the eighth most visited place in the country for domestic overnight trips.

Direct Effect on Economy: Rising Employment

The effect on the economy can also be readily realized. The jobs in the industry have risen by 4% across Kent, contributing to total employment of 67,931. This accounts for about 11% of the county’s jobs.

Evidently, the past decade has witnessed a visible breakthrough in the tourism industry of Kent, with its economic impact increasing by 42% over the period.

Rising Visitors = Rising Demand for Transport

But, of course, a rising number of visitors to the county has also increased the demand for transportation medium. Though, there are many types of public transportation provided in the zone, the need for private vehicle hire is indispensable. In this sense, minibuses offer an ideal medium of transport within the city. Now, the question is: Why?

First, because minibuses come in varies sizes, so that you can choose the one that suits your group. For example, if you are traveling in a small group, you can go for 8 seater minibus hire, and if you are traveling in a big group, usually 3-4 families, you can choose 33 seater minibus.

Second, many minibus companies offer vehicle with drivers. These drivers are well aware of the routes and can take you wherever you want without any hassles of traffic or parking worry.

Third, they are very comfortable. You can travel for hours without any pain or sprain. Along with this, they pick you right from your location without having you to walk a mile or two to get to a bus stop or station and drop you to your exact destination.

Having said above, minibus hire kent can provide a viable option for transportation in and around the county and tourism industry can keep growing more.

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